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Is your family struggling with chesty coughs and snotty sinuses? ACC® can help!1-5

The Snotties and Phlegmings can strike at any time, from cold and flu season to year-round allergies.6-9

Colds, flu and allergies make your body produce extra mucus and phlegm, leading to wet coughs and snotty noses.6


The mucus and phlegm that your body produces when you’re sick is thicker and stickier than normal mucus and phlegm.6 Large amounts of this yucky stuff can clog up your airways.6

What is the difference between mucus and phlegm?6,10

Mucus and phlegm are both slippery liquid substances produced by your body. When they’re produced
in normal amounts, they help to keep your tissues hydrated and prevent infection.

Mucus is a stringy liquid found in the linings of your nose and sinuses.
Phlegm is a type of mucus produced by your lungs.

What does ACC® do to mucus and phlegm?

ACC® is a type of medication known as a mucolytic.1-3 This means it breaks down mucus and phlegm and makes them easier to clear out of your chest and sinuses.1-5


Choose the ACC® that works for you!1-3

  • ACC® 600:

Convenient 1-a-day effervescent tablet
Convenient 1-a-day oral powder sachet, no water needed

  • ACC® Oral Solution: For people who prefer syrups
  • ACC® 200: Effervescent tablets
all range image
the fizz

ACC® contains an active ingredient called acetylcysteine (uh-see-tuhl-si-steen).1-3,11 This ingredient breaks down the bonds that hold sticky mucus and phlegm together, so they become thinner.1-5

When mucus and phlegm are thinner, it’s easier to blow or cough out all that yucky stuff that’s clogging up your airways.1-5

Clearing the mucus and phlegm from your sinuses, nasal passages and lungs can also prevent a more serious infection from developing there.12

ACC® gets to work fast.1-3,5 The range is available in pleasant blackberry and cherry flavours1-3 to make taking your medicine a little easier.

Find out more about how ACC® works.


ACC® 600 effervescent tablets - Adults and children from 14 years of age1

ACC® 600 Oral Powder - Adults only1

ACC® 200 and ACC® Oral Solution - Adults and children from 2 years of age2,3



You can buy ACC® over the counter at a pharmacy, without a prescription.1-3,13

Note: Do not use ACC® for more than 14 days in a row without speaking to a healthcare provider.1-3



A wet cough is a type of cough caused by too much phlegm or mucus in your airways.14,15 It’s also known as a productive cough, because it causes you to cough up (produce) phlegm.14,15

ACC® can help to treat a wet, phlegmy cough by breaking down the phlegm and making it easier to cough up.1-5



When the lining of your sinuses becomes inflamed (swollen) or irritated, it often starts to produce extra mucus, giving you a snotty or stuffy nose.16

ACC® makes the mucus thinner so it’s easier to clear out your sinuses.1-5

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[S1] ACC® 20 mg/ml Oral Solution. Reg. No.: 48/10.3/0261. Composition: Each 1 ml of ACC 20 mg/ml ORAL SOLUTION contains 20 mg acetylcysteine. ATC Code: R05C B01.

[S1] ACC® 200 (effervescent tablets). Reg. No.: 29/10.2.2/0753. Composition: Each ACC 200 effervescent tablet contains: 200 mg acetylcysteine. Pharmacological Classification: A10.3 Medicines acting on the respiratory system – other.

[S1] ACC® 600 (effervescent tablets). Reg. No.: 45/10.3/0229. Composition: Each effervescent tablet contains 600 mg acetylcysteine. [S1] ACC® 600 ORAL POWDER. Reg. No.: 51/10.3/0816. Composition: Each sachet contains 600 mg of acetylcysteine. ATC Code: R05CB01.

For full prescribing information refer to the Sandoz Professional Information approved by the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA).

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